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LEW Inc. has over 17 years of experience in pressure, temperature, and level control technology geared for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications specializing in fully configured and assembled skids for landfills. Our registered professional staff provides knowledgeable support for all projects.

Our staff has been proud to be a part of projects, large and small, from providing the gas and flare safety equipment for the Appleton Waste Water Treatment Plant to supplying a customer in immediate need for his or her factory tube/hose installation.

LEW Inc. is one of the few distributors in the United States that stock tubing/hose support systems. Our tray connectors have 1-1/2 inch long slots (rather than wobble holes) to ease installation and are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum. We offer the largest variety of connectors for tray, stainless steel clamps, as well as cushion clamps and clips. In addition, we customize aluminum elbows to any configuration.

We are also in development of our first complete assembly of the world's first unrefined fuels microturbine power unit designed to run on a multitude of unrefined fuels, including methane. This skid will be operational in the very near future. Demonstrations of the microturbine can be arranged. Click here for details about this revolutionary new technology.

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