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LEW Inc. was originally started in 1986 for the sole purpose of satisfying the growing demand for pollution control systems at landfills and waste water treatment plants. After more than 17 years of experience in implementing pollution control systems, LEW Inc. has the knowledge and experience to design, package, and supply equipment for blower/flare (LFG) stations to include flares, gas safety equipment, power generation, and skid packages.

LEW Inc. has learned that by providing quality equipment in our "plug-and-run" skids, configuring the equipment to meet the needs of the project, and offering reasonable and competitive pricing, we can help you complete a successful project without the normal start-up problems.

Click here for a diagram of an example of one of our "plug-and-run" skid packages.

Click here for a comprehensive diagram of a typical landfill setup.

Listed below is a sampling of products that can be included in our configurations for landfills and waste water treatment plants:

  • Open
  • Second Generation Candle
  • Enclosed, no visible flame, no smoke
  • 98% or better destruction efficiencies
  • State of the Art
  • Best Available Technology (BAT)
  • Controls
  • Upgrades
  • Click here for more information

    Power Generation
  • Microturbine
  • Piston Engine
  • Stand Alone
  • Utility Integration
  • Peaking
  • Parasitic Load
  • Baseline Power
  • Complete Packages
  • Gas Handling & Safety Equipment
  • Certified Flame Arrestors
        (FM Approved, Coast Guard Approved)
  • Detonation Arrestors
  • Knock-out Pots
  • Demisters
  • Thermal Valves
  • Back Pressure Regulators
  • Drip Traps
  • Liquid Level Controls
  • Explosion-proof Motors, Drives, and Controls
  • Blowers
  • Integrated Control Panels
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