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Packaged Systems: Motor, Blower, Blower/Motor, Blower/Flare Systems - Skid Mounted & Pretested Option
  Integrated Control Panels, Blower, Motor, Flare, Pump, Alarms, Telemtry - Any or All
Custom Fabricating: Aluminum or Carbon Steel
Explosion Panels (ISO 9001) Metal Tank Car Discs
Rupture Discs (ISO 9001) Graphite Tank Car Discs
Rupture Disc Monitoring Systems & Audits, Installation, Supervision, and Training
LEW Inc.: BW Controls
B|W Controls  
Conduction Level Controls Pump Alternator Controls
Float Level Controls Tank Gauging & Leak Detection System
Induction & Solid State Relays Custom Control Panels
LEW Inc.: Bernhard
Bernhard Inc.
Precision Level/Flow Instruments Capacitance
Sonar Tip Switches & Flumes
Continuous & Point Level/Contact & Non-Contact
Controls & Monitoring of Liquids, Solids, or Slurries
Filters & Housings (Replacement & New)
Air, Gas Oil, Hydraulic, HEPA, Coalescing, Vacuum or Pressure Panel Cartridge
Original Equipment Heavy Duty
Upgrades Quality Replacement
LEW Inc.: Groth
Groth Corporation ISO 9001
Sediment Traps Flame Arrestors
Manual Drip Traps Pressure Conservation Venting
Auto Drip Traps Relief Conservation Venting
Flame Checks & Open Flares Landfill/Digester Gas Safety Equipment
Tank Protection Equipment for Emergency Relief
LEW Inc.: Mactronics Mactronics (division of Enerflex)   flares ISO 9002
Enclosed Flares Solar Ignitors
Open Flares Retractable Ignitors
Natural Flares Venturi Ignitors
Draft Flares Air and/or Steam Ignitors
Pit Flares  
Sonic for Oil Flares  
Gas Flares  
PetroChem Flares  
Bio-Gas Flares  
LEW Inc.: Microturbine Power LLC
Micro Turbine Power LLC microturbines
Patented NEW technology provides the power source for a variety of applications including prime electric power generation, blowers, and compressors
LEW Inc.: Techline
Team Synergy Coatings  ceramic coatings website
LEW Inc. has established a partnership with one of the leaders in ceramic coatings technology, Team Synergy Coatings. LEW Inc. and Team Synergy Coatings are now applying cermic coatings to piping systems, tanks, pump casing and impellers, valve bodies and internal parts, fan bodies and blades, locomotive and stationary diesel/gas engines, rail cars, offshore production platforms, ships, refineries, chemical plants, power generation facilities, etc.
Vortron AIRPOWER Blowers
Vortron  blowers  website
Pressure Blowers, Dryers, and Air Knife Systems
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