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LEW Inc. MicroTurbine Power LLC
LEW Inc. will be offering superior energy service to commercial and light industrial customers with our proprietary, "state of the art" energy platform. Offering cost effective, reliable equipment that can be simply maintained with complete factory support. This distributed power system will reasonably and economically allow an end user to finally own their prime power equipment.

The patented microturbine was recently developed for the space program by our technology ally. MicroTurbine Power's design is unique to any engine manufacturer in the world. The engine is made to run on one of the more difficult fuels, raw methane. A widely available renewable energy source available now. This novel approach gives us the most rugged natural/propane gas engine made.

Offering fixed price/term contracts and leases to supply cost effective power with superior reliability and quality without a high up-front cost to the customer.

MicroTurbine Power technology has several advantages over the other microturbines:

  • Lowest fuel gas pressure requirements
  • Will run on a variety of fuels
  • Lower capitol cost
  • High efficiencies
  • Low emissions
  • Superior durability and reliability
  • Easy minimal maintenance
  • A company dedicated to the manufacturing and support of quality microturbine systems
MicroTurbine Power was registered in Wisconsin as an LLC in 1998. In process is our first complete assembly of a methane-powered microturbine, which will demonstrate the combined technological advantages. This skid will be operational in the very near future. Demonstrations of the microturbine can be arranged.
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