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Vortron Blowers
LEW Inc. supplies and installs Vortron’s AIR POWER ™ line of compact centrifugal blowers that promise to raise the bar for industrial blower performance. Flow and pressure not attainable with competitive single stage products are now easily achieved.

LEW Inc. can supply you with one of three models: the flagship Z40, the ultra efficient X40, and the scrappy J70. Each are specialists in their own right and are aerodynamically optimized for meeting specific flow and pressure requirements. All are clean-sheet designs developed from the ground up to deliver best performance, best durability, and best efficiency available anywhere today. With peak isentropic efficiencies reaching 79%, no other compact blower product even comes close.

A closer look reveals AIR POWER means business. All products are based upon modern centrifugal compressor design principles with aerodynamic performance vastly superior to common, but outdated technology. Manufacturing and quality are held to aerospace turbomachinery standards, enabling AIR POWER to consistently meet design performance and efficiency levels well beyond the competition. The elusive 100 in-H 2O at 1,000 SCFM is not only easily attained, it’s achieved at 75% efficiency!

Development and Test
Based upon Vortech’s 12-plus years of industry-leading automotive supercharger design, development, and manufacturing, Vortron incorporates the same engineering and development excellence in the AIR POWER lineup. A fundamental difference that sets Vortron and AIR POWER apart is exhaustive testing. Years of analytical and empirical development were devoted to optimizing these designs, with numerous iterations tested and evaluated against stiff criteria. All accomplished with Vortron’s gas compressor test stand, developed and operated in accordance with SAE Standard J-1723 — a first and only in the industry! As such, Vortron is the only manufacturer which publishes compressor maps, derived from actual test data ,for all AIR POWER products.

It’s immediately apparent; AIR POWER is different by design. Not only does the AIR POWER compact compressor outperform the competition, a variety of standard features are incorporated which clearly establish an exceptional product.

It All Adds Up To…
More performance. Enhanced durability. Reduced energy consumption. Reduced annual operating costs. In other words, improved bottom line.

Please contact us if you have any questions or you would like to place an order for one of our Vortron Blowers

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