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Mactronics Flares
While issues regarding Flaring and Flare Systems are generally not well understood, a Flare is quite often the first option when considering waste gas disposal for an installation.  A properly designed Flare System fulfills safety and environmental requirements for many applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical refining, and landfill management industries among others.  Even when implementing other waste gas reduction measures such as recovery systems and alternate gas utilization, the Flare System remains a key component to ensure safe, effective and affordable disposal.

LEW Inc. has nearly twenty years of experience supplying and installing Mactronics Flare Systems across the United States. Even though, LEW Inc. has only installed these systems in the United States, Mactronics Flare Systems can be found in some of the largest, highest performance systems across the entire world.

Mactronics Flare Systems
Mactronics Flare System design, engineering and fabrication expertise ranges from small diameter utility flare applications to some of the largest, highest performance systems in the world.  LEW Inc. works closely with the specialists at Mactronics to guide our clients in addressing such common flaring issues as smoke formation, overall system performance, environmental concerns, economic considerations, and safety matters.

LEW Inc. can provide expertise in the application of the following flare systems:

  • Onshore and Offshore applications
  • Freestanding, Guyed, Derrick Supported and Portable Stacks
  • Utility Flares
  • Air Assisted Flares
  • Steam Assisted Flares
  • Natural Draft Flares
  • High Pressure Sonic Flares
  • Multi-point Flares
  • Low Radiation Ground Flares
  • Liquid or Gas Hydrocarbon Flare Burners
  • Burner Management Controls
  • System Engineering and Design
  • Please contact us if you have any questions or you would like to place an order for one of our Mactronics Flare Systems.

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